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IMP: Documents to collect shareholders’ opinions in writing 2022

1. Statement Ref. Amendment and supplement of Internal Regulations on Corporate governance of Imexpharm Corporation Collecting General Meeting of Shareholders’ writing opinions. Click here to view

1.1. Regulations on conducting a virtual GMS. Click here to view.

2. Statement Ref. Increase maximum foreign ownership, amend business lines, amend and supplement the Company’s Charter and authorize to implement of the relevant procedures. Click here to view.

3. Amendment of the Charter of Imexpharm Corporation at the General Meeting of Shareholders in 2022. Click here to view.

4. Statement Ref. Waiver of public tender offering for the Shareholders-SK Investment Vina III Pte. Ltd. Click here to view.

5. The document to collect shareholders’ writing opinions. Click here to view.

6. (Draft) Resolution of the General Meeting of shareholder’s Imexpharm Corporation. Click here to view.