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Imexpharm - Top 5 companies with the best working environment in Vietnam

Imexpharm is proud to announce that Imexpharm has been named in the top 5 companies with the best working environment in Vietnam for pharmaceutical, medical device, and healthcare companies in the medium-sized enterprise sector. This is a positive result, recognizing Imexpharm's unremitting efforts in creating a happy and sustainable working environment for nearly half a century

The Best Places to Work in Vietnam is a prestigious award organized annually by Anphabe - a consultant on Employer Branding and Happy Workplace Environment. The award is implemented through surveys and objective evaluations by employees. This year, the survey attracted more than 63,000 employees to participate in voting and evaluation based on 45 criteria, including salary and benefits, personal development opportunities, healthcare and well-being, and good quality of life for employees.

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Imexpharm was honored as Top 5 companies with the best working environment in Vietnam

With objective evaluations from employees, Imexpharm ranks 5th among companies in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Equipment, and Healthcare sector for medium-sized enterprises, and 54th among the top 100 companies with the best working environment in Vietnam, rising 5 ranks compared to 2022. Specifically, according to the survey results announced by Anphabe, the brand awareness of Imexpharm in the pharmaceutical industry is 81.5%, higher than the industry average of 76.7%. The preference rate for choosing to work at Imexpharm is also 10% higher than the industry average. At the same time, one of the most prominent employer brand images that potential candidates perceive at the company is the working environment and team cohesion. In 2023, the employee engagement level has significantly improved, as shown by the very low average resignation rate, around 3-4%. Compared to the current volatile situation, this is truly a great effort and a proud achievement of the company's leadership and employees as a whole.

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In 2022, Imexpharm participated in the Anphabe's Happy Workforce Survey and achieved many positive results. According to the survey, 72% of Imexpharm's staff demonstrated optimistic happiness indicators in the workplace, thanks to expressions of emotional attachment, positive self-motivation, commitment, and intellectual cohesion within the organization.

Sharing about this award, People's Doctor and Pharmacist Tran Thi Dao, General Director of Imexpharm, said: "This award is a positive recognition for Imexpharm's relentless efforts over nearly half a century in creating a friendly, transparent, fair, and rewarding work environment."

"With the goal of building a team of competent, physically fit, and mentally resilient employees, Imexpharm always prioritizes training activities, team cohesion, and taking care of employees' well-being, helping them feel secure in their work and fostering strong bonds with the company," emphasized People's Doctor and Pharmacist Tran Thi Dao.

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With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Imexpharm has made remarkable strides in creating an exceptional work environment. The company has placed a strong emphasis on professional training, organizing hundreds of training courses and workshops. In 2023 alone, Imexpharm conducted approximately 100 external training programs and over 3,000 internal training sessions, collaborating with renowned experts and industry leaders in the pharmaceutical field both domestically and internationally. These initiatives have empowered employees with cutting-edge knowledge and skills, ranging from quality management training at the prestigious British Standards Institution to participation in influential pharmaceutical science and technology seminars.

Imexpharm's dedication extends beyond professional development. The company fosters a culture of holistic well-being by providing numerous avenues for employees to engage in healthy activities. From cycling and tennis clubs to football, badminton, volleyball, and table tennis teams, Imexpharm encourages physical fitness, mental resilience, and camaraderie among colleagues. Moreover, the company's leadership actively supports and uplifts employees, offering care and encouragement to those facing challenges and recognizing outstanding achievements.

The relentless pursuit of excellence and contribution to economic development have not gone unnoticed. Imexpharm has received prestigious accolades from reputable organizations. In 2023, the company was honored with the "Top 50 Best Listed Companies in Vietnam" award by Forbes magazine and the "Top 50 Most Efficient Businesses in Vietnam" award by the Investment Bridge magazine. These accolades serve as a testament to Imexpharm's unwavering commitment to creating a thriving work environment and its significant contributions to the nation's workforce.

Imexpharm firmly believes in a sustainable development strategy that places people at the core of its actions, while respecting the environment and the community. Guided by the philosophy that "the lotus will still bloom after a thousand years," the company remains dedicated to creating even greater value for its employees and contributing to the sustainable growth of Vietnam's workforce. Imexpharm's unwavering commitment to excellence and its profound impact on society make it a true leader in its field.