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Mr. Hanh has been with Imexpharm for 25 years and held the position of Chief Accountant for more than 8 years. With a high sense of responsibility and dedication in his profession, Mr. Hanh has strived to maintain a healthy and transparent financial system, contributing to improving Imexpharm’s reputation and image to credit partners domestically and internationally. Especially, the commendable efforts of Mr. Hanh and the Finance and Accounting Department when implementing regulations well to access a loan of 8 million USD from the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Mr. Hanh also manages the financial decentralization and risk management at the branches, especially the sales branches of the Company. In addition, he is also responsible for managing the operating budget, managing cash flow, and always meeting the capital source for Imexpharm’s production, business and investment activities well.

Employment History

  • 1988: Officer in Finance Department – Hong Ngu City, Dong Thap Province
  • 1990 – 1995: Officer in Finance and Price Department – Tan Hong Commune, Dong Thap Province.
  • July 1997 – February 2005: Officer in Finance and Accounting Department – Imexpharm Corp.
  • March 2005 – July 2014: Vice- Head of Finance and Accounting Department – Imexpharm Corp.
  • July 2014 to present: Chief Accountant – Imexpharm Corp

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