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A 30-year career has led to her current positions as Vice Chairwoman of the Board of Directors cum General Director. Ms. Dao wholeheartedly works branding Imexpharm. She has had great success in developing a small pharmaceutical production enterprise in Dong Thap province to become the Imexpharm of today.


  • Head of the Strategic Subcommittee of the Board of Directors;
  • Monitoring development objectives and strategies of the Company and targets of the Sales Division;
  • Directly managing and supervising operations of Binh Duong high tech plant (IMP4);
  • Supervising production and business activities and participating in the governance of affiliate companies
  • Perform other rights and duties in accordance with the law, the Company’s Charter and the Decision of the Board of Directors.

Positions in other organizations

  • Member of the Board of Directors of Agimexpharm Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (currently listed on the Upcom), an affiliate of Imexpharm.
  • Vice Chairwoman of Vietnam Pharmaceutical Companies Association (VNPCA).

Holding the core leading role through the years, bringing Imexpharm from a small factory in the unnoticeable province of Dong Thap to an enterprise within Top 5 leading Pharmaceutical organisations in Vietnam, each event, each milestone all bears the efforts of The People’s Doctor, Pharmacist Tran Thi Dao. From the arduous trip to the wholesale market of District 10 (HCMC) in the 1980s to find the right path for the Company, to the journey to European lands to find cooperation partners for production franchising, and also the equitization in 2001, making Imexpharm into the first enterprise within Vietnam General Pharmaceutical Corporation to successfully switch its model. All of these are the footsteps of a pioneer, highly difficult, but also a display of a leader’s strength.

“As a leader, I always have to be decisive, because I understand that opportunities are always present but time waits for no man”, this line still has its value to this day and is proven by several actual results. One can say the current prosperity and stable development of Imexpharm – the legacy that the “golden generation” legates for the inheriting generation – have the vastly significant contribution of The People’s Doctor. Closing the 2018 – 2022 term with many noticeable achievements considered to be the base for a new journey, Imexpharm will continue to witness the upcoming changes and breakthroughs, and will still firmly
believe in her brilliant leadership.

Employment History

  • 1984 – July 2001: Director of Dong Thap Pharmaceutical Company – Pharmaceutical TW7
  • August 2001 – April 2004: Chairwoman of the BOD, General Director of Imexpharm
  • From May 2013: Vice Chairwoman of The BOD, General Director of Imexpharm

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game tiến lên miên nam
game tiến lên miên nam
game tiến lên miên nam
game tiến lên miên nam
game tiến lên miên nam
game tiến lên miên nam